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Potty training? May 10, 2012

Filed under: Toddler — happystruggles @ 12:21 pm

Well, I don’t believe there is such  a things a potty training a toddler. When they are ready emotionally and physically (meaning can understand the urge before and able to hold it for a little while until they get undressed) they will do it. You just cannot push this thing to happen earlier than they want.

Roisin’s 27 months old, and her new thing in the last week to take off her clothes and nappy when wet or soiled. Needless to say, we were not so please with this. Especially that she did it  in nursery too.  She got so good at unzipping and unbuttoning just in a day. Motivation is a powerful thing! Some friends said it could be the start to get potty trained. Well the problem here is that she is not there physically.  She doesn’t understand the sensation before going is the one she needs to watch out for; or that it cannot happen just anytime she wants it. Sitting on the potty is not new to her as she has been showing interest at the end of summer after seeing a little girl using it and nowadays too. But when she sits on it  she says: “Mami come help! Mami push it for Roisin!”

To try to limit her getting “butt naked”, we agreed she can only do it if she sits on the potty straight away. This seems to work. (Though 24 hours passed.) So since last night; she has done 3 poops and 1 pee in the potty, to our and her own surprise. I still think it is a long way to go, but she is definitely motivated.

Well, here should go the photo of the proof , but I will leave it up to everyone’s imagination.


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