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Cubist Face May 12, 2012

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For years I used to hold Messy Art classes for toddlers. That is before Roisin. I promised myself I will do the same for my daughter and her friends later. So here is one lovely project! (I stole the idea from a friend of mine.)

I was very pleased how it actually turned out.

Get a piece of cardboard, cut out a shape of a face. Let your kids paint it. We did both side. Give many things to glue on. They just love that part! I made the eyes to put on. As we had two sides done; I have decided to have a day and a night face; which we hang on R’s door-frame and switching it in relation to sleep and awake. Not that it helps with her sleep routine these days 😦

7am art project

painting her hands is the best part


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