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Our neighbourhood May 12, 2012

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I cannot say enough how much I love our neighbourhood. Yesterday I left with Roisin to go to Margit Island for a change of scenery of playgrounds and to meet some friends. I had both of our keys with me; which left my hubby with no keys. I knew we won’t be back in time. So what should one do in this situation? Well I went downstairs and dropped our keys off to the woman working in the veggie shop. She is very nice and was happy to help. We only living in our new home less than 3 months; but this kind favour is already happening.

At the Margit island playground

I have run out of my medication and had no time picking up the new prescription at the doctor’s office; as we rather choose to have fun time at the playground on this nice warm spring afternoon .:) I must take my meds very strictly every day; so this problem still had to be solved before arriving home. I went into the pharmacy and just told them the truth and they were fine to give me a packet as long as I bring the prescription the next day; which I did.

Today on the way home I called into the optician and asked a favour to fix my sunglasses as the screws were getting loose. She kindly took them off me and did it right there, even cleaning the glasses. All for free. I know, it is not a big deal; but things like this can brighten up your day.

…. and an Islamic butcher opened very close to us! Finally we will be able to get nice lamb here. Ireland was a great place for it, but in Hungary it is not easy to find; so my Hubby will be very pleased with this news.

After collecting R from nursery we (friends with toddlers) went to a park in the centre where there is a great “fun-fountain”. The best way to cool down the little ones on a hot (29degrees) spring day! R had tons of fun!!! Followed by dinner at an Italian restaurant and by the time we got home there was no problem putting the munchkin into bed.  She fell asleep immediately!

Water fun-tain


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