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Accidentally alike May 15, 2012

Filed under: Just me,Toddler — happystruggles @ 1:22 pm

I do like to dress my girl! I always think about that she should wear nice things that go well together… the usual stuff. I am sure it won’t be always like this, for many reasons. One:  she’ll want to choose her own clothes, (already started); two: I won’t have the time to think, juts the grab the closest thing, as soon as our new baby is here.  Well, I already do this for myself. 😦

I have made some observation about moms and daughters (sons too) dressing. Many times they are wearing things alike. I always though it is  a bit odd; until I figured this is usually not on purpose.  I choose clothes for my mood ; now not just for me but for R too. So few days ago we accidentally ended up  like this. R was wearing this cute dress for an hour before I had a chance to shower and get dressed.

And I was  shocked when we crossed paths in the living room.  D just had to take a photo.

accidentally alike


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