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Baby Mobile May 25, 2012

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Now I am getting ready on many levels to have our next baby. One is the nesting. Though I have no hormone level changes to back me up on this, but already have the urge to make nice things for the baby’s new home. I am making a nice mobile from felt. While I’m working on it I can already feel connecting with this new little person. I know nothing about her yet, but that doesn’t seem to be a problem.

the circles before sewing

It is another easy, but a bit time-consuming craft.

Cut out many same size but different colour circles.

Cut out smaller circles or other shapes if you wish in different colours .

Sew the small circles on top of the bigger ones

Sew the two same colour same size big circles together. Before finishing it leave a tiny hole to fill it with soft stuffing to give it a nice body.

Thread them on string/thin ribbon and hang.

hanging above the cradle


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