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Expecting May 25, 2012

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The Hungarian word for this actually would translate: waiting; waiting for a baby. Well we are expecting, waiting for this baby to arrive to us since 2006. That is when we signed up for adoption.

Few months before our wedding we’ve found out I suffer from a lifelong autoimmune disorder; which is life threatening but can be controlled and has to be controlled for the rest of my life. Antiphospholipid syndrome. One of it’s symptoms is miscarriage. So knowing that even with treatment it will not be an easy task to have a baby we came up with plan B. (I always like to have plan B, sometimes plan C too.) The waiting list was long; but we did not mind; as we were still trying to have a baby ourselves. After 4 unsuccessful pregnancies on treatment I took everything into my hands. Changed doctors, after doing long research made my own medical plan for the next pregnancy; took some great doctors on board and got fantastic help from an online support group. And we fell pregnant again; and had our baby girl in early 2010. (Well it wasn’t that easy; difficult pregnancy on many levels, not an easy birth and hard recovery with later complications)  The exact year we were suppose to have our adopted baby.

So in the last nearly 2 and half years now we are having this fantastic little person in our home; who is everything we had imagined would be and even more. OK; we could do more sleep; but apart from that she is the BEST!

In the meanwhile our adoption papers were put on hold; as the first child has to be 2 years of age before we can adopt. And we moved house; so more paper work had to be done. But as of yesterday we are back on the waiting list as the first couple again.

I feel it will happen before the summer is over. We don’t know ahead of time; only when there is a baby in the hospital already. So there is no getting ready time at all. We’ll get a phone call and few days later we have  baby at home.

So I have been preparing myself for this tiny thing to come into our home in the last few weeks. And I feel I am ready mentally and emotionally for her arrival. Our daughter, Roisin also is getting excited about a new baby, so I hope it will happen before she looses interest about the whole thing.

This is such a weird way of expecting. Not sure I can be ready like this for  a long time. There will be times when my interest will drop a bit and will get back up again. I guess.

How I prepare ?

I make things for the baby; such as a baby mobile and a summer blanket.

I also washed the newborn clothes and packed them away nicely in a box.

freshly washed newborn clothes

I made a list of things we need to do when we get the call.

I ordered online basic baby stuff. Most of the things we have from Roisin though.

I go and spend time in baby shops looking at things to get into the mood.

My lovely friends have organized a baby shower too! Which was strange, as half of them are actually pregnant themselves. But you’ll never know; I may beat them with an early phone call next week :). They got us a beautiful cradle; which is beside our bed already. Now I will sew padded lining for it with a drape. Can’t wait to get started.

…..and I am listening out for the phone to ring 🙂


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