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Upcycled Bread Salad May 31, 2012

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I don’t want to start a new category so I thought “My Craft” will just be fine for this.

I can say I don’t cook. I am one of the lucky ones who married someone who can cook well and enjoys it more than I do. But very occasionally I spend some time creating in the kitchen too. There are times I get an urge to have something I know can do well and love to eat it too. So this is what I made today; on a lovely early summer day: Bread salad! An upcycled food I love!

To start of , you need a wee bit stale bread. I can say we have that a lot here. I am linking one of the recipes here on this salad. http://www.care2.com/greenliving/tomato-bread-salad.html I don’t follow recipes well; I always  make changes. I guess that applies to other areas of my life too 🙂


This time what I changed was, that also put garlic into the sauce. and cut up cucumbers to make it more colourful. I don’t understand the cup measurements (living in Europe)  at all so don’t even bother with it; I just taste here and there. Also left the seeds in it too.

Advise: squeezing tomatoes are not so tricky; all you need to do while you squeeze, cover the bowl with 2 pieces of papertowel. Clean job!


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