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Happy Cloud – Baby Mobile June 1, 2012

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All the rain lately made me think of another cute baby mobile I have seen on the net. So I decided to make one.

It took a good few hours as I sew every bit with hand, but enjoyed it a lot. I love to to see how some fabric or wool can come into life.

I have been making these things for our new arrival; but this time I felt bad that R has got nothing from me lately; well nothing I have made, so I changed my mind and gave it to her. (I am sure will feel this kind of guilt many times after we have our second daughter with us. ) It hangs on her ceiling lamp; and she really likes it, but tells me every time, she will give it to the little baby when she comes. 🙂

1. Cut two of all the shapes; clouds and raindrops. You can make it in different colours: blue cloud with gray and white drops….etc Depending on the look you want.

handsewn drops

2. Sew drops. Leave a small opening on top and bottom to able to stuff it and to fit the string, which will hold the drops together.

the drops attached to string

ready for stuffing the could



3. Sew the strings to the bottom of the cloud, and sew the ribbon to the top part. Sew the two clouds together. Leave  a small hole before sewing it all to stuff it , all nice and fluffy. Ready to hang.






ready to rain


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