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Girls Night In July 22, 2012

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The night officially starts at 9:30pm. That is when both girls are bathed and feed and ready for bed; or should be. It takes R another half an hour to fall asleep, and usually C likes to be awake and have some quality time with Daddy or me for a short while before starting her tummy troubles again. Then she falls asleep in my arms. So around 10pm all is quiet and we can watch a tv show (just a short one) before going to bed. Me to the bedroom, my H on the sofa in the living room. Around 1am C is up crying with pain which changes into demand for milk. I get up, warm a small amount of milk for the tummy drops; this needs to be set aside for at least 20 minutes while I am TRYING to keep the little one quiet, to not to wake the big one. Then I warm up the 100ml milk too and ready for a feed. We are ready with the feed and burping around 2am, 5 minutes pieces followed by half an hour painful winds before sleeping again.  At 4:30ish she starts to wake up slowly with grunting and squeaking; I am totaly exhausted and thinking I should go to the kitchen now and do the drops because it will take awhile, but cannot get myself out of bed. At 5am I struggle and pull myself together and warm up the milk with the drops running back and forth to keep C quiet. The kitchen is right beside R’s room so I cannot have C with me as she would wake R easily. Leaving her in the bedroom is still the better option but she can get very loud if ignored, so I don’t ever want to take  the chance. If R wakes up she will not go back to sleep. So 5:30am start the feed, 6:10am all is well. R wakes at 6:30am; that is when her day starts. Can someone tell me how am I suppose to do this all by myself? And this was actually a good night! Thankfully my H is around to help now, and takes R in the morning.


One Response to “Girls Night In”

  1. marcia kuehnen Says:

    how does H miss this all when he is sleeping on the couch?! i imagine that only mommy can bring comfort at this time anyways…and that being said, my own H has yet to get up in the night with our 3 month old!

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