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Rain June 1, 2012

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It has been raining a lot here in the last couple of weeks. Roisin loves the rain. She stands outside on the balcony in full gear enjoying it. We watched the lighting and thunder the other evening together. It was great fun! I love it too!

trying out her first umbrella on the balcony

We’ve used to go for walks and got soaked in the warm rain whenever we had a chance with my husband. I guess we should start doing that  again in the  summer.


Accidentally alike May 15, 2012

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I do like to dress my girl! I always think about that she should wear nice things that go well together… the usual stuff. I am sure it won’t be always like this, for many reasons. One:  she’ll want to choose her own clothes, (already started); two: I won’t have the time to think, juts the grab the closest thing, as soon as our new baby is here.  Well, I already do this for myself. 😦

I have made some observation about moms and daughters (sons too) dressing. Many times they are wearing things alike. I always though it is  a bit odd; until I figured this is usually not on purpose.  I choose clothes for my mood ; now not just for me but for R too. So few days ago we accidentally ended up  like this. R was wearing this cute dress for an hour before I had a chance to shower and get dressed.

And I was  shocked when we crossed paths in the living room.  D just had to take a photo.

accidentally alike


Hello May 9, 2012

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This blog is for me and for anyone else who would be interested to learn from my happy struggles in life. I hope to share my experiences on having a small successful business, raising a toddler, living with auto-immune disorder, getting satisfaction from craft stuff and finding the time for it; feeling young at 40, at least in the heart;  making a home after a move; finding good storage solutions; enjoying the city life with and without children;  and our journey of adoption.

Enjoy reading!