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The perfect evening with my daughter May 18, 2012

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It is not an everyday thing; so don’t need to be jealous, we have  toddler-struggles in this household too. But yesterday evening for who knows what reason, everything was PERFECT.

After finally leaving the playground we had to go to the supermarket which is  a pain in the neck after 6pm, as there are long queues at the check out. R sat in her buggy and chose a book to “read” very patiently, which was not for buying just borrowing while in line. This is our rule in every shop; that she can have anything but have to leave it behind at the cashier. Which we remind her of every few minutes. She was very much into this colouring book; when I had to take it away from her. And she looked a bit disappointed but made no comments. She is so good at this now. So we went home with the shopping.

When we arrived home she helped me put things away and went to play with her trains. All happy and independent! I put on a wash, got her dinner ready; and she was playing so nicely with Thomas and the tracks.

We had a great time having dinner; we chatted, played the game of what is  this sign. (I am bringing back more and more of the sign language we used with her before she could talk, so she will be using it again with her wee sister)

After dinner she helped me upload the dishwasher, and I she is the one now to turn it on . It is a build in one; so she cannot get the buttons unless I open it and pull the door down; otherwise that would turn into a nightmare and probably a new purchase of dishwasher. On this note: It is always so important to think ahead of time when you teach anything new to your toddler, and figure, if she can turn this knowledge into something bad or even dangerous. It is a lot of thinking!

So as Daddy was coming home late; we went on to water the plants outside on our balcony. We did it twice! We checked all the tiny tomatoes and oranges too. They are doing just fine.

And there was even more fun coming. If you have not played hide and seek with a two years old; DO IT! It is so much fun! I was shaking with laughter all the way through it. So I hid first just behind the drawer unit. (We play the game only in one room to make it easier. )Finally she found me; big giggles, laughs and hugs!!! Then she hid;. at the same spot; of course. 🙂 I hid to different places but every time she went for the first spot to check, and I could see her little surprised face not to find me there. I just wanted to eat her up, but I did not move. I was keep calling out while she was looking for me. She was checking even under the bedcover; while I was just 2 feet away behind her; she turned around and look above me but not at me. SOOO cute! I was keep calling out, and she was just so confused! I had to move and show myself, I could not do it any longer I had to have her in my arms!My wee little funny angel! Needles to say every time it was her turn she hid in the very same first spot. 🙂

So we had to do more house work and hang out all the wet clothes. She loves that. Always did, even before she could walk, she helped me with this chore. She was on socks duty. She hung all of them on the bottom lines of the clothes horse; and also wanted to pair them. She did an excellent job!

Then we had one more thing to do before Daddy arrived and was time for bath; Clean Up! No problem at all. We sang the song and tidy everything in no time.

Three hours of absolute pleasure spent with my daughter. Hopefully there are many more on the way….


Accidentally alike May 15, 2012

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I do like to dress my girl! I always think about that she should wear nice things that go well together… the usual stuff. I am sure it won’t be always like this, for many reasons. One:  she’ll want to choose her own clothes, (already started); two: I won’t have the time to think, juts the grab the closest thing, as soon as our new baby is here.  Well, I already do this for myself. 😦

I have made some observation about moms and daughters (sons too) dressing. Many times they are wearing things alike. I always though it is  a bit odd; until I figured this is usually not on purpose.  I choose clothes for my mood ; now not just for me but for R too. So few days ago we accidentally ended up  like this. R was wearing this cute dress for an hour before I had a chance to shower and get dressed.

And I was  shocked when we crossed paths in the living room.  D just had to take a photo.

accidentally alike


Wednesdays May 12, 2012

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Wednesdays are “Roisin and Mami “days. We go to a lovely Hungarian singing-moving class at 9am. We both love it a lot. Nice parents, nice kids and most of all the lovely Gloria who sings beautifully and play many instruments. She is an excellent teacher. I hope other moms in MY class feel the same way about me. We do some chores in the morning,have lunch together and then…..comes the struggle for sleeping. Nowadays it takes up to 1-2 hours to put her down for her nap. She comes up with the best excuses to skip the nap; but you can tell she is exhausted.  But I know this will pass too….. I guess better now then later with the newborn in hand.



She volunteered to be the engine; of course.


Potty training? May 10, 2012

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Well, I don’t believe there is such  a things a potty training a toddler. When they are ready emotionally and physically (meaning can understand the urge before and able to hold it for a little while until they get undressed) they will do it. You just cannot push this thing to happen earlier than they want.

Roisin’s 27 months old, and her new thing in the last week to take off her clothes and nappy when wet or soiled. Needless to say, we were not so please with this. Especially that she did it  in nursery too.  She got so good at unzipping and unbuttoning just in a day. Motivation is a powerful thing! Some friends said it could be the start to get potty trained. Well the problem here is that she is not there physically.  She doesn’t understand the sensation before going is the one she needs to watch out for; or that it cannot happen just anytime she wants it. Sitting on the potty is not new to her as she has been showing interest at the end of summer after seeing a little girl using it and nowadays too. But when she sits on it  she says: “Mami come help! Mami push it for Roisin!”

To try to limit her getting “butt naked”, we agreed she can only do it if she sits on the potty straight away. This seems to work. (Though 24 hours passed.) So since last night; she has done 3 poops and 1 pee in the potty, to our and her own surprise. I still think it is a long way to go, but she is definitely motivated.

Well, here should go the photo of the proof , but I will leave it up to everyone’s imagination.